Greetings Adventurers,

We’re aware of a few bugs that have appeared in this weeks patch, below you can find the details of known issues and our current estimated time on when they’ll be resolved. We’ll be actively monitoring this thread for any additional issues if you’d like to report them here. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconveniences you may encounter while we work to resolve them.

Resolved Issues

  • The Dark Knight Treant and Desert Ghillie suit information on the Pearl Shop has now been resolved and can be downloaded via a hotfix, simply fully relaunch the game client and apply the fix.

Known Issues

  • The Anemos Horse gear set has gone missing.
    • Don’t worry though, your gear isn’t missing, our database is still keeping it safe and sound and we’ll have this resolved soon.
    • We’ll be performing an Urgent Maintenance tomorrow (4/27/2017) to address this issue please find more information on the maintenance here.
  • The function for ‘Applying Most Popular’ customization is not working properly.
  • The text ‘Co-op’ sometimes does not appear for some of the Co-op Quests
  • The function of ‘Hide’ post does not work in the Photo Gallery.
  • The ‘Hold’ button on the Night Vendor is missing.
  • Some localization issues (Missing Text) in the FR & DE language version of the client.
  • The Kzarka Shrine (Near Calpheon) was the victim of a theft, someone has stolen the floor.
    • Please use caution when entering the area, we’ve sent for some goblins to begin repaving the floor asap!

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